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The cheapest Wall is the Wall you don’t ever have to worry about again.

we take pride in our complete wood-based approach to building climbing walls. This approach not only provides an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option to build climbing walls, it also creates a more pleasant climbing experience. Wood has a natural ability to absorb movement and provide a more comfortable climbing surface compared to steel frame walls.

Easy to Adjust

Another key advantage of using wood is the ease of adjusting on-site. In any construction project, there are always unexpected issues such as air vents or pipes that need to be taken into account while assembling one of the last pieces in a project. The climbing wall. Wood can easily be manipulated even on site with basic tools to adjust to the building or infrastructure. 

Laser Sharp Precision

With our automated CAD/CNC-based processes we generate a very high precision panel that is numbered and named individually on the back for easy handling and installation.
Once the panels are cut, the process becomes more manual as each panel is worked on in stations to create the final climbing walls. Our mounting process is a many years optimized system that is easy to follow, similar to “paint by numbers”.

A well thought out Wall

Our climbing walls are not only environmentally friendly but also provide a comfortable and pleasant climbing experience. Our approach allows for easy adjustments and a well-optimized mounting process for a final product that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

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Bernd Sonntag
    Bernd Sonntag

    Technical Supervisory Association

    This climbing gym an asset for all climbing enthusiasts, as there is a lot of interesting climbing content with safety levels that conform to all relevant standards.

    Peter Neuhold
      Peter Neuhold

      COO BLOCKHELDEN Frankenjura, DE

      Our customers love the Walls. Each one can find surfaces that they like and can push themself on every Wall shape imaginable.

      Maximilian Karrer
        Maximilian Karrer

        Chief Route Setter

        My Route setting team and I are super happy with the creative possibilities that we have.

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