From Business Case to Location Evaluation and 10 Year Liquidity Plan.

Climbing Walls

Eco-friendly and Durable Climbing Walls for Climbers of all Abilities.


Full Spectrum Climbing Gym Design and Architecture.


Designing, producing and installing stylish and functional interiors.


Thoughtfully designed & top-grade materials – made in EU.


Offering ongoing support and assistance with the operation and maintenance.

“We are climbers who have a positive influence on society through climbing.”

We believe that bouldering strengthens our physical, mental and social well-being.
We believe that it is more important than ever to experience a community that works.
We believe that sport experienced together makes you incredibly happy.

We are the people behind Blockhelden Productions

Core Values


First and foremost we are climbers by heart. And therefore we are dedicated to the best quality possible for our work.


We use the best quality components. From our Wood to the very solid M10 t-nuts. We create rounded edges and there are no “open angles”. The paint we use is 100% tested over the years. So you don´t have to worry about it.

Made in EU

Made by our in-house architects. And Produced in Poland, EU. To keep the production professional and transport ways short


We are no Salespeople, we are climbers. So all our design choices for your project will have this core. We are not trying to maximise the sheer square meters, we try to maximise the climbing experience of your customers and at the same time minimize your maintaining cost.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality climbing walls, volumes and gyms for everyone.

Eco Friendly

We also only use materials that are easy to recycle, such as metal and wood, and water-based paints. So our Footprint on this world is as small as possible. It allows us to have a production that is completely no-waste. And is easy to recycle after many years of usage.

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Book a tour through the biggest bouldering gym in the beautiful Frankenjura, Nürnberg, Germany.

Short ways of communication are always the best – so just get in touch with the owners and see our work for yourself.

Visit us anytime in Germany, Nürnberg to check the quality of our newest gym opened 2022.

Simon Brünner


The cheapest Wall is the Wall you don´t ever have to worry about again.

Simon Herr