The “Wackeldackel” is the world’s first sensorimotor parallette for training your body tension, body strength and balance, as well as the movement and joint control receptors.

Due to its unique design, you have the option of doing the usual static exercises on parallettes through two dynamic sides 

to specifically train your movement receptors and joint position receptors. (proprioceptive training)

Thanks to the possibility of attaching the Wackeldackel to suspension points, the Wackeldackel allows you to train pull-ups, both in a classic position and in a position that is easy on the wrist.

The two Wackeldackel can be moved freely and  independently of each other  and allow you  versatile body weight training. They are ideal for exercises such as L-sit, handstand, planche, push-ups, push-ups and many other exercises. The nodding dog is the perfect accessory for calisthenics, crossfit, body weight training and gymnastics. The Wackeldackel is the ideal equipment for your indoor and outdoor workout.


You can use the “standing” side like any standard parallette. Just put it on its flat side and get started. The Wackeldackel offers you maximum stability in the smallest of spaces.


On the “rocking” side, your forearm needs to work properly to compensate for the instability of the rounded bearing surface.

With a normal parallete you lie passively in the wrist, so the rocking side is ideal for people with wrist problems, as it relieves the wrist and strengthens the muscles.


The “shaking” side offers a special challenge. In addition to the pointed contact surface, the handle rotates around its own axis.


The “hanging” side of the Wackeldackel allows you to attach it to hanging points. You can train pull-ups both in a classic position and, thanks to the second attachment point, in a wrist-friendly position.

The Wackeldackel is super small and handy, like a small gym in your pocket and therefore also the perfect training device for warming up directly on the rock, on the beach or to stay fit when travelling.

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