We have been committed to crafting wooden climbing volumes from our very beginning. The natural wood look is something that provides us with deep and true happiness. The fact that we are climbers ourselves as well as gym owners gives us the opportunity to craft volumes that satisfy both worlds. We provide the highest standards of quality, design, durability, variety and fun.

Click any volume to get more information about it.

Click any volume to get more information about it.

Stalactite L

Stalactite L

Our biggest Volume to date. With the Stalactite Climbing and Boulder Volumes you have incredible ways of turning your wall in something extraordinary.

Get Your Style Right. The Color of your Volumes can do so much for your Gym.

Every RAL color is possible, but our favorite is the natural Wood look 😉

Branded Volumes

At BLOCKHELDEN Productions, we offer fully customisable climbing volumes that not only allow you to choose the texture, size and colour, but also give you the option to place any logo directly on the volume. This provides an unrivalled platform for brand visibility and creates an innovative advertising space for your sponsors.

While climbers solve problems on the wall, your sponsor will be seen by many more people than with a traditional poster – so it’s a perfect blend of practical route planning value and strategic brand promotion. Our volumes are robust, ensuring long-term visibility and usability.

Laser Engraved
Choose the branding option that suites your needs the best: From full color to laser engraved


With BLOCKHELDEN Productions Volumes you have free choice.

You can decide the size, color, texture and structure of your volumes. We offer a wide range of options to choose from, and if your wish is not a option to choose from, give us a quick call and we can make it happen.

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