Same Side Triangle (S, M, L)

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PLEASE NOTE: The Pictures linked to the variations only resemble the Size. For coating variations, check The S Variation.

This Volume is a versatile and innovative climbing wall accessory that provides climbers with a unique and diverse climbing experience. The volume is shaped like an equilateral triangle and can be attached to any climbing wall surface to add new angles, edges, and holds to your wall. With its sleek design, the triangle volume is available in 3 different coatings and multiple RAL color variations to match your climbing wall style and color scheme. This volume will add a new level of challenge to your Walls.

In addition to choosing a color, you can also decide how to paint the volume:
-ARROW- consists in the fact that two walls are painted
-BOTTOM – means that the lower part of the volume has been painted
-TOP – paints only the top of the volume


Same Side Triangle S – 49 cm x 42 cm x 14 cm

Same Side Triangle M – 97 cm x 84 cm x 28 cm Ex Works Shipping- Shipping price calculated after purchase

Same Side Triangle L – 149 cm x 129 cm x 43 cm Ex Works Shipping- Shipping price calculated after purchase

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Large, Medium, Small


Natural Wood (with structure), RAL 9011 Black, RAL 7021, RAL 7011, RAL 7004 Grey, RAL 7047, RAL 9001 Cream, RAL 1003 Signal Yellow, RAL 2004 Tangerine Orange, RAL 3020 Traffic Red, RAL 4010 Telemagenta, RAL 5024 Pastel Blue, RAL 6011 Reseda Green, RAL 6018 Chartreuse, RAL 6037 Traffic Green, Own Color (name your color in the order details)

Customize your climbing experience with your personal style

FULL (Standard), ARROW (DualTex), BOTTOM (DualTex), TOP (DualTex)


Sand for High Friction (standard), Glass for a Smooth Grip, Glossy for no Grip