MASTERCLASS Boulder Gym Design ep.2

At BLOCKHELDEN, every wall tells a story, a narrative of passion, innovation, and over a decade of expertise. We’ve always believed that the heart of bouldering lies in the walls that challenge and inspire climbers.

🎥 BLOCKHELDEN Masterclass YouTube series – Episode 2 is NOW LIVE! Dive deep into the art and science of wall design. Unearth the secrets behind deciding on wall shapes that don’t just challenge climbers, but create experiences.

What makes a wall more than just a structure? How can you design walls that become the very essence of the bouldering journey? Join us as we reveal these answers and so much more.

🔗 Tune in now:

Embrace the climb and the design that drives it. Let’s shape the future of bouldering, one wall at a time. 🌟

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